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Landscape into the homes of ordinary people

China agriculture net landscaping is an attitude of life of modern people, is a modern man of the beauty of life and the pursuit of desire, but also supplement and extension of the concept of city greening. The beauty of the people always make every attempt to move into the home landscape. People with some gardening decoration, greening, in their own living space for landscaping, innovative layout, it is not only beneficial for people's physical and mental health, but also can experience the horticultural bring pleasant.

Landscape add vitality for life

Green plants can have many advantages: first, it can reduce the air pollution, remove bacteria and virus, the surrounding air is fresh clear; secondly, green plants can give people a spiritual enjoyment, let a person heart is full of comfort. It is reported, when the vision in green accounting for 25%, can give good stimulation of the human brain, relieve fatigue, improve the tension. In addition, green also can reduce the temperature of the skin, slow down the balance of pulse, breath, blood pressure. There are identified, in green than in the open, pulse per minute can be reduced 4-8, decreased skin temperature 1 ℃ -2 ℃.

Balcony afforest, can let a person find health and happiness in the. Many old people like in the balcony vegetables, this can not only assured harvest agricultural products, but also physical and mental pleasure. The balcony can meet the dual requirement of people, let them have a life, have the opportunity to get close to nature.

Compared to Nanjing's green roof and balcony greening and other city, more advantages. Nanjing city people balcony gardening is done very successfully. His home balcony almost every season there are flowers, there are Vegetable & Fruit eat. The public has been carefully build terrace garden, terrace became his favorite work. His balcony, vines, aquatic, herbaceous, shrub plants are. In the flower, he also insert planting cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables, very green economy. The balcony into a home garden, far see the roof of a wild profusion of vegetation, added a lot of green and vitality to the cell.

Vertical greening for gardening

"Landscape well is good, but not so big balcony, terrace, how to do?" for this doubt, vertical greening of Shanghai, to bring you more green.

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