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Landscape design and construction of what connectivity

Chinese gardening tools network December 14th news: the modern gardening more opportunities is the embodiment of plant beauty, paving detail, pieces of exquisite, with as many as light, texture, color, texture and other architectural vocabulary and techniques also appeared in the design, literature and art can be said to be the garden heritage, engineering and technical means, human history is the thought, in short, garden design is to coordinate connected with other disciplines, planning the scope and task of them, together.

A public green space, roads and streets

The road and street is the flow space, people often is a sweep, does not stop, must be considered in the design. The visual effect, scale to open, the design should be simple and the atmosphere, reflect such a goal in ten horizons in a pedestrian and car is a beauty, avoid landscape list chaos, vision.

Two, the green area

Plot is the people life, rest, should create a feeling of home, the human visual, olfactory, tactile than would more delicate, so the emphasis should be on the small green plant configuration, design a more humane garden space.

Three, the factory and office greening

These places are often busy working, people are so often overlook the surrounding landscape, or as long as it is clean, green, a wild profusion of vegetation is good, plan to outline clear, reasonable planning on it, the choice of trees easy to manage, planting.

Four, the campus greening

Campus green on the one hand, to understand the students' thoughts, on the other hand, according to the current situation, rational division of space, meet the students' needs. Plant configuration may choose some large trees, turf should be durable, mostly like the trunk and the students, and remain free to relax.

Five, green square

Different squares with different contents which are the subject, the design reflects the different styles and themes are particularly important here, or regular or random, appropriate, suitable king can. Dalian most green square are very good.

Six, small garden greening

Imagine design small garden like this, the surrounding environment to it, in the design to give it the spiritual, small space can make a big article.

Seven, Green Park

Park has always been the most attention, is no ground for blame.

Eight, the rural greening

The countryside is the reality in the garden, there is a word for "green combined with the production of" I want to use in the rural greening is very useful in the three five strains, apricot, plum zhengfangdouyan strong in the cedar cypress, a tree two Xiaqi onion leek is not inferior to the natural and lawn, practical style inherent the country, if we can combine the practical in design and construction, and make more communication with farmers, fruit based, practical premise, the green will be welcome, to be destroyed?

Nine, green Villa

If the design has to be the master of space dominated, or according to the owner's willingness to re design, no matter from the construction management have greatly facilitated many.

The modern design is personality, different occasions, different subjects have different tastes, more or less the same, lack of innovation is the idea of depletion and irresponsible, only love life, perception of life, to the flat light find excitement, good design will be born.

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