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The future development direction of hardware tools industry garden

Yongkang city as a hardware company collect the ground, there are many hardware tools manufacturer, the proportion of sales at home and abroad are a great share. Now more and more advanced science and technology, but also led to a garden tool innovation, new products are becoming more and more convenient, practical, favored by consumers. In recent years, with the change of the social progress and people's leisure, high-end garden tools demand grow with each passing day, become the new trend of market demand.

Garden tools in previous years to sell flowers yard or export as much. But in recent years, also entered the common people family stately. The style and color also changed the monotonous, added a unique shape, be riotous with colour products. In Chinese Technology Hardware City market garden tools cover and contain everything, spray gun, garden shears, pruning shear, lawn mowers are a superb collection of beautiful things, have everything that one expects to find.

Growing flowers, vegetables and some office workers a new leisure way, not only can exercise the body, but also to improve the environment, harvest harmless vegetables. The labor of workers, it is entertainment, as entertainment, buy hand tools that inevitable. Therefore, hardware city market of various high-end garden tools began to popular, many consumers from the concept of using up to fashion, exquisite. Xinda gardening tools boss Hu said, now people attach great importance to the ecological environment, some standing or a hospital before and after the house, as far as possible to cover with green open space. For example, trees, and flowers, and a lot of people like yourself, not only maintaining the living environment, but also can exercise the body. This part of consumers, often do not care about the price, they value the product brand, quality, performance, the so-called high-end consumer demand for high-end products, and this is the reason.

There are many companies, the unit demand for garden tools are no longer can be used on the line, but the pursuit of convenient operation, energy saving, not only to avoid the waste of labor, and high-end garden tools, although the price is more expensive than ordinary, but because of its long life, energy saving effect is obvious, it is not a comprehensive. As a two stroke gasoline cutting machine newly introduced last year the store, not only has large power, strong power etc.. And the use of diaphragm type carburetor, improves horsepower also can reduce fuel consumption effectively. The wind guide cover design is more accurate, can effectively control the engine temperature, the 40T alloy saw blade, grinding free durable. This new product, the details refer to many high-tech means, therefore, even if the price is more expensive, still can not stop consumers on it.

The high-end garden tools now becoming popular is not without reason, as everyone knows, the more high-end products, it certainly more functions, higher efficiency, longer life, even if the price a little expensive, but can reduce the loss and artificial cost, general is the use of high-end products harm. Mei was responsible for Jiafeng Garden Tools Distribution Department introduction, the traditional garden tools products to more steam (CHAI) oil engine as the power source, noise, vibration, pollution of the environment, affecting the health of operating staff, more not suitable family housing, the courtyard area use.

In 2012, she introduced a large number of high-end new products. These new products, new ideas, bold enable new technology in production, overcomes the defects of complex functions, green nursing facilities, with low labor intensity, low cost, multi use of one machine, convenient operation, good reliability, long life and other advantages, can hedge, lawn care, pruning tall landscape trees withered trunks. Many enterprises, units, domestic companies, property companies to purchase, garden tools are named demand high-end.

In the past year, sell the garden tools dealer Hardware City market products, high-end products accounted for a large share. Some dealers even abandon the traditional garden tools, specializing in high-end products. They said, the market demand more and more high-end high-end garden tools, and high profits, a large high-end garden products several times higher than the one of traditional profit. Now, since the high-end products sell well and high profits, they what is there against it. According to insiders, now, garden tools have been developed to miniaturization, many manufacturers to product is simple and practical, but also more and more scientific in the selection and structural parts, the use of a machine, a multi use has become the new trend of garden tools. These innovative garden tools by the vast number of consumers in the market, sales in more dominant.

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