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The importance of lawn maintenance machine

Daily maintenance work on the turf management machinery, in fact is to clean, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and maintenance for key, should be after the repair daily into pre maintenance, reduce repair cost and the fault rate of the equipment, to ensure that equipment in good condition, improve equipment operating conditions.

Mechanical warehouse 1 to have a certain scale, keep the warehouse clean and tidy.

Each device should have the park position fixed and enough space. In addition, for each device number is necessary. And should improve the safety facilities, the establishment of a new cleaning facilities, here to pay special attention to the discharge of sewage, so as not to cause pollution to the environment. This will help to improve environment and increase space, have profit greatly to mechanical equipment.

2 equipment not only need repair, more important is the need for routine maintenance.

Turf management of mechanical equipment routine maintenance of variety, good not only can prolong the service life of the equipment, and can improve the mechanical equipment quality work. This also reflects the good quality golf equipment operation and maintenance personnel! So, in the machinery repair operator training should always instill the equipment protection, and to make this kind of consciousness in the work constantly strengthened.

3 Establishment of equipment repair, maintenance records.

Must constantly innovate in idea of equipment management, to establish "the equipment life management, realized throughout the whole process of equipment management". Each device should be numbered and establish and maintain records, to record the equipment purchase time, the maintenance of the project, the use of time, fault and repair, replacement parts and other information, and regularly record and check. This work is not absolutely useless, detailed maintenance records can provide a lot of useful information in machine repair personnel repair equipment, make regular maintenance measures.

4 improve consciousness of management, develop the maintenance team.

People, is a very important factor in the management and operation of equipment in use, to admit that is to let the employees develop care equipment, respect the equipment in good habits is not an easy thing, strict requirements continue to need golf course managers, and spend a lot of effort to guide and train staff. Consciously enhance the consciousness with good equipment, good equipment, this habit once, to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, improve the service life and reduce the repair cost is essential. People, is the operation of the equipment users and maintenance, so for the site managers, how to select and hire manager, is the priority among priorities among them. The use of turf management machinery cannot do without the people, never operated any mechanical people develop into responsible and be familiar with the operation of various maintenance equipment, it is need to go through a long process. So we in the recruitment of new employees, in addition to considering the character outside, still should have priority in related work experience, and has the certain knowledge of machinery.

5 from that day to buy equipment, spare parts management system will be established.

In fact, according to the actual situation of the budget, make a margin of safety for their own parts purchase plan and parts inventory is the key spare parts management. It is often seen. fault to rush to buy parts of the situation! Doing so requires a certain period of time, it will cause great inconvenience to the maintenance work of the court, causing the decline of site quality, affecting the normal use of field operations and equipment.

6 to master the principle and method of daily maintenance.

Daily maintenance includes: cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment. Keep the equipment clean, tidy, to prevent water and dust corrosion body and parts. In the use of a certain period of time, to each part of the device junction check; found the problem areas to adjust according to the requirements, to prevent accidents, ensure the safety of. Lubrication including engine, transmission, drive and part of the operation is to ensure the normal operation of the moving parts, reducing the running resistance, an important means of reducing abrasion of.

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