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How to market prospect garden tools

With the rapid development of green building in China City, garden machinery industry is closely related with the gradually hot up. However, the initial invasion of this industry is hot only belongs to foreign products "" and "expansion", domestic garden machinery will become the market supporting. How can we become auxiliary based? To its weakness, single pierce!

So domestic garden machinery weakness and what?

1 garden machinery core technology can not keep up

The core of garden machinery is the engine, according to experts, the garden machinery equipment import engine noise small, good energy saving, durable; and the noise and fuel consumption of domestic engines are large, easy to damage. Two of the work efficiency is far more serious, the same horsepower engine, the same operating conditions, half of domestic machine work efficiency and sometimes not imported machine. Because the engine grade gap, many domestic garden machinery manufacturers on the choice of the engine, resulting in increased production costs, is at the disadvantageous position in the market competition.

2 domestic garden machinery working gap

Domestic garden machinery in quality and imported mechanical gap is mainly manifested in: the mower in after pruning, turf rugged edge cutter; transplantation is not uniform, the drafting of slow speed, continuous working ability. So although the importation of garden machinery machine prices high, but many people are still willing to buy.

Effects of 3 garden machinery market consumption concept

For a long time, people have formed such a concept of consumption: imports than domestic good, even now some domestic goods is better than the quality of imports, some people prefer to buy imported goods.

Facing the market strong import garden mechanical impact, domestic production enterprises still unremittingly, to seize the market, establish their own brand. But because of many factors, the localization of mechanical garden could not accomplish at one stroke. At present, some domestic production enterprises through improved technology, and set up the enterprise image, enhance their level, and is gradually accepted by consumers.

Our garden machinery products is also to the diversification, scale, seriation. The first domestic production enterprises in the production of garden machinery varieties is limited to transplant machine, mower and a high profit products, garden machinery on the market today for various purposes is a superb collection of beautiful things. There is reason to believe that the next few years, domestic garden machinery in the domestic market to occupy the initiative, and gradually enter the international market.

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